Week 16 – Market, Market, Market

This week was all about marketing! I really ramped up our email marketing to potential images-2clients and we received great feedback because of it. I spent several days this week talking to new clients, potential partners for products that will additionally help our clients, and even received conversions from just one email. It really goes to show, if you put yourself out there to the right people and your product is a solution for their needs, you’ll see results!

Monday April 11th – Sunday April 17th, 2016

Monday (3 hours)

  1. Created several email campaigns for the month of April for our due diligence services, Note Investing Club and Tape Techs.

Tuesday (2 hours)

  1. Received a new tape for our VA’s ta Tape Techs to research for a client.
  2. Talked to a new client about our services.
  3. Answered emails responding to our initial email about our services. We received a ton of positive feedback!
  4. Resubmitted an offer that was previously declined but still on the market. – Still declined, the seller is looking for an unrealistic offer (in the 70% of CMV range).
  5. Submitted a new offer on a property in Ocala.

Wednesday (1 Hour)

  1. Emailed Vendors about our current deals – we’re in the process of getting a new tenant into our rental, and working out a modification hopefully with a borrower. We’re still waiting on their paperwork, which is putting a major hold on their verification.
  2. Received a very late payment from a borrower that is in a forbearance plan. Our servicing company contacted them, and made it very clear if we do not receive payments on the 1st of the month from here on out, we will move forward with Foreclosure or offer a DIL. We’ll see if we get payment on the 1st of the next month.

Thursday (2 hours)

  1. Talked to a potential partner for new services to offer our clients after they move forward with the formal due diligence and their bid is accepted
  2. Talked to two new clients that had questions about our services and
  3. Received a new tape from a client to be scrubbed!
  4. Uploaded Invoices to Evernote for our bookkeeper to reconcile.

Friday – Saturday (Days off)

*We did receive another tape from a client to be scrubbed by our VA’s at Tape Techs.

Sunday (1 hour)

  1. Wrote this post.
  2. Read

Total Profit This Week : $382.59
Number of New Sellers Called: 0
Number of Deals Offered: 2
Number of Deals Accepted: 0