Google Adwords

I recently got a promotional card in the mail from Google Ads stating if I spent $50 on Google Ads, I would receive $150 in free advertising. I figured with that kind of deal, why not give it a shot? I mean hey, $200 worth of advertising for the price of $50…I can’t really go wrong.


I started to build my Google Ad watching various video tutorials and reading side note suggestions and tips to help improve my ad from the google site. When I was finished I felt pretty confident in the end result and was excited to see how many leads would come from it. After just two days I had over 100 views to my website! I couldn’t believe that the traffic to my site was increasing at such a fast rate but was disappointed in the number of leads that came from it. Although traffic to my site increased, I had not gained a legitimate lead from it.

About two days later I attended a local meeting through my REIA, where I got the opportunity to speak with the owner of the nation wide wholesale company, He is not only an extremely successful real estate investor but has an incredible internet marketing system that organically brings him leads daily across the nation! After discussing my recent Google Ad I created, he started asking me questions about our use of “Negative words”,   and “traffic estimator”. I quickly realized that maybe I hadn’t created the “great” ad I thought I had.

He suggested I put an immediate pause on my campaign until I get the opportunity to read Perry Marshall’s book(s) on Google Adwords. I immediately went home and paused my campaign then downloaded Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and began reading it the next day. Needless to say I was doing everything wrong! I was initially paying per click with no limit as to who was clicking my link and how many times. Wether it was an actually lead or is was for an unrelated “negative” search tool. I don’t know why it surprise me that even with Googles “help” my ad was not a lead generator, but a marketing pit hole.

ImageIf you are are even attempting to create a Google Ad or have already created one without reading these books I urge you to stop and read this! Save your self some money and get the leads that will produce income, not the leads that cost you money!