Week 29 – 5 New Deals!

Monday July 11th – Sunday July 17th, 2016

Man! This week was AWESOME! We got in touch with some REALLY good sources for off market deals, and a ton of great inventory is being released. We were able to get 5 new deals under contract and funded this week which is awesome. We’re expecting to profit  $35,000 + on the five deals without any of our own money. I’m also looking at hiring a part time assistant to help with someone of the clerical work when I go back to working my 9 – 5 full time in early August. I’m excited for how that will increase productivity and allow us to do more with me working less.

Monday (7 hours)  – I was supposed to have Jury Duty but didn’t get called in (Phew!)

  1. Reached out to 7 new potential sellers on LinkedIn. I heard back from 3 of the contacts, 2 of which have already sent me inventory! I even got a bid accepted by one of the new sellers this week.
  2. Wrote a letter to one of our borrowers that has lost communication about their options for staying in their home. We attempted to call 3 times already with no avail. If I don’t receive a response from this letter I will have the company NCCI hand deliver a letter.Screenshot 2016-07-07 12.26.35
  3. Returned a Loan Purchase Sales Agreement (LPSA) to the seller of our new Springfield OH note – it’s a contract for deed and our goal  is to get her borrower paying again. We feel it’s a high chance of success.
  4. Got an affidavit notarized for our FL foreclosure, we’re getting close to judgement sale.

 Tuesday (6 hours)

  1. Got 2 more bids accepted, and potentially a 3rd. One is an REO in Indiana and the other is another asset in Springfield OH! Both are going to be a double digit return and awesome opportunities for our partnering investors. I called the realtors for these assets to verify occupancy and value. (take a look at the properties below)
  2. Look at new assets from the LinkedIn Sellers I reached out to the day before. Placed a bid on 4 assets.
  3. Received a new tape from a client that had over 60 assets for our Virtual Assistants to research. I monitored their work throughout the research process.
  4. Wrote a formal executive summary for our new Rose St. Deal above.

Wednesday (5 hours)

  1. Tried to contact an attorney in OH to help us with our new assets we’re picking up. I had a question about the title report that was returned to us with our contract for deed. Unfortunately I was unable to get ahold of anyone.
  2. Wrote 2 new executive summaries and prepared the Private Lending agreements for our partnering investors.
  3. Found out our Indiana REO was supposed to have a lockbox…but doesn’t? We’re trying to figure out why the seller has images with a lockbox but my realtor has pictures without. Once we can get inside we can get a more accurate idea of what the property needs to sell at top dollar.
  4. Updated our running checkbooks for July for all of our inventory. This helps our partnering investors stay up to date on how much money remains in the account.
  5. Heard back on 2 bids I had out from a seller, unfortunately I was largely outbid. That’s okay, seems I have a lot of inventory coming my way!

Thursday (3 hours)

  1. Our borrower that did not deliver on a modification a month or so back called and asked for a 2nd chance since we have restarted the FC process (for a 3rd time now). We told them they can pay in full (including legal fees, etc) but we will not stop or pause FC.
  2. Got ahold of an attorney in OH that will help us review the title report and handle the contract for deed and foreclosure just in time for our closing tomorrow!
  3. Heard back on our last asset that was approved. We found a partnering investor on this deal that is going to provide a killer ROI!
  4. Heard back on our 4 bids to the new seller, and 1 was accepted. We are looking forward to this deal in Miami, FL. We believe we can keep the homeowner in the house and successfully get them paying again.
  5. Wrote executive summaries for the 2 most recent accepted deals.

Friday (4 hours)

  1. Ordered O&E reports on the four assets that were accepted this week.
  2. Had an inspection on our rental in Jacksonville, FL we have under contract to sell.
  3. Emailed the FC attorney for the new New Smyrna Beach deal we have under contract to try and shed more light on the current BK and FC that is ongoing.
  4. Spoke with the funders/partners on our NSB deal to walk through the potential risks, and likely outcomes.
  5. Wrote to one of our partnering investors about our re-performing note. We need to extend our original contract.

Saturday & Sunday (days off)

Total Bids Submitted: 4 (waiting to hear back on 2 offers from two weeks ago)
Total Bids Accepted: 4
Number of New Sellers Contacted: 7
Total Profit: $544.39


Week 27 & 28

Monday June 27th – Sunday July 3rd, 2016

  1. Looked at new inventory from 2 sellers, submitted 6 bids.
  2. Closed on our newest deal in Tallahassee (finalized our lending agreement, wiring money, getting insurance, etc).
  3. Worked on getting a title commitment to get a release of lien from the Hardest Hits Fund in Illinois so we can get our DIL recorded. We’ve held this note just under 45 days and we are getting a DIL from the borrower! It’s going to be an awesome and quick deal.
  4. Had a hearing for our note in NC that was extended for another 60 days. We won’t get another chance to go before the court until the end of August.

Monday July 4th – Sunday July 10th, 2016

Saturday – Tuesday (4th of July Weekend)

Wednesday (3 hours)

  1. Received new collateral from our latest deal, reviewed the collateral file to make sure all of the proper docs were included.
  2. Paid taxes on a property that was 2 years behind.
  3. Talked with vendors on our current deals.
  4. Volunteered with our local REIA for our General Monthly meeting.
  5. Heard back on my 6 bids, 2 had sold and 4 were countered. I re-countered on 3 of the 4, and passed on one all together.

Thursday (4 hours)

  1. Got 2 new deals under contract, one in Springfield OH & the other in Indianapolis,

    IN. The first deal is a lower valued contract for deed that will likely become a re-performing note giving an expected 30% yield! The second is a vacant foreclosure that is set for foreclosure sale in August. We will likely wholesale that to another investor as it needs a rehab and is not really or M.O.

  2. Contacted my real estate agent in Springfield right away to verify condition, value, and take pictures. I also ordered an O&E on this immediately.
  3. Tried to contact a borrower on a new note we bought last month. This was our second attempt and was unsuccessful. We are now hiring NCCI to drop/deliver a letter to initiate communication with us. They will deliver 2 letters for a low flat rate fee.

Friday (day off)

Saturday (8 hours)

Volunteered for our local REIA (CFRI) at a land trust class with Jack Shea and Mark Warda. I learned about holding mortgages in a real estate mortgage trust to keep myself and my lenders more private. It also keeps my assets protected in the event of litigation. Trusts are an awesome tool for investors!

Sunday (day off)

Total Bids Submitted: 11 (waiting to hear back on 6)
Total Bids Accepted: 2
Number of New Sellers Contacted: 0
Total Profit: $3,479.00

Week 21 & 22

I totally dropped the ball last week and did not write my weekly post. I’m going to make up for it this week and catch you up on all the happenings. It’s been a very busy and great 2 weeks.

Monday May 16th – Sunday May 22nd

Monday – Friday (14 hours total)

  1. We received over 300 assets to research with our preliminary due diligence scrubbing service, http://www.tapetechs.com. It’s awesome we’re able to help so many clients with the research process when you receive a tape. My VA’s were working away on our clients tapes with some of my own assets mixed in there.
  2. Spoke at our local Real Estate Association (CFRI’s) Orange County Monthly Meeting about investing in notes. It was only an hour, but allowed more people to hear about note investing and a few signed up for my Saturday class.Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.32.31 PM
  3. Got a new deal in TN under contract that is a great note!
  4. Emailed some vendors – we need to have our Tampa property that is set for FC sale on July 13th, cleaned out (trash out). We are receiving a quote for that.
  5. Inquired about insurance on the three new notes were picking up & finalized all of our JV/Private Lending paperwork for our investors that are lending us the money to buy these notes at a secured and higher than average rate of return.


FB_IMG_1463923189758WOW! Saturday was amazing! I was able to teach over 60 investors from Florida about Non-Performing Note Investing. Being a teacher full time I obviously enjoy and have a passion for educating others. I had no idea I would love teaching them about notes in particular as much as I did. I received great feedback on the class and several inquires on coaching or mentorship to further their momentum of learning with notes. It really was an absolutely AWESOME day.

Sunday – day off! (Well deserved I feel)

Monday May 23rd – Sunday May 29th

Monday – Friday (10 hours total)

  1. Closed on all three notes this week. Cool news, 2 of them have already said they want to stay and continue to pay their old monthly P&I payment…Wohoo! Our overall cost to get into these deals have dropped tremendously, and we have re-performing notes like that. We’ll be seeing 18% – 22% returns on these until we are ready to sell them to a secondary investors.
  2. Submitted 2 bids this week and am looking at more inventory this weekend (well my VA’s are), to submit bids on.
  3. Got a call from a local investor that wants to liquidate a property only 20 minutes Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.33.39 PMaway from us in a great neighborhood. I’m working on price but hope to hear back Tuesday we have a deal. I’ll wholesale this to an investor nearby that likes to flip properties as it’s a great rehab contender.
  4. Received collateral files for our new deals & submitted the docs to our attorney to get the ball rolling on our eviction in IL.

Sunday – day off!

Total Bids Submitted in the 2 weeks: 3
Total Bids Accepted: TBA
Number of New Sellers Contacted: 0
Total Profit (in 2 weeks): $5,659

Week 20 – Holy Productive

Wow! This week has been AWESOME! We got 3 deals under contract although we are e09e20c0d4fd42e5a40338e4d3317bf6
walking from one, just doesn’t meet out investment criteria. We’ll be closing on both of these next week! I also was asked by the lovely Scott Carson to dive into due diligence for his Virtual Note Buying for Dummies course. It was an awesome time and a great way to get our services for TapeTechs.com and NoteInvestingClub.com to new note investors. Lastly, I prepared my final presentation for our upcoming Note Class in the Central Florida area. I’m REALLY looking forward to it!


Monday May 9th – Sunday May 15th, 2016

Monday & Tuesday (days off)

Wednesday (4 hours)

  1. Got offers accepted on 3 properties in IL and OK (take a look here). Decided just to move forward with the IL properties after further due diligence came back this weekend.
  2. Called Realtors to provide BPO/CMA’s on properties and verify condition.
  3. Ordered O&E on assets.

Friday (2 hours)

  1. Tenants moved in finally (this process was definitely a long one). They seem very happy with the home and I hope they are great tenants while the rent.
  2. Created my powerpoint presentation for Scott’s Note Buying for Dummies class.

Saturday (2 hours)

  1. Drafted documents and JV/Lending Agreements for our partners on these two new deals.
  2. Looked at a new Florida asset and submitted a bid.
  3. Reviewed Modification plan for a borrower to be submitted to them this week.

Sunday (5 hours)

  1. Spoke at Scott’s Note Buying for Dummies and blew some investors minds on the preliminary due diligence process!
  2. Looked at 3 more assets in GA, & IL will likely put offers in on one or more Monday.
  3. Finished my powerpoint & handout presentation for my day long class May 21st with CFRI. If you’re local and want to sign up go here –>  CFRI Note Class

Offers Submitted: 1
Offers accepted: 3
New sellers contacted: 0
Total Income: $299.75


Week 14 – New Deal and Q2

Whoah- It’s 1st Quarter of 2016 already! I have to say while I’m not thrilled with how Q1 went, I know I still have several months and Quarters to take down more notes and reach my ultimate goal of making $120,000 this year. I’m well on my way and know I’ll get there as long as I keep working and keep focused.

Total Monthly Profit: $1,1994.17
Total Quarter Profit (Q1): $13,539

Monday March 28th – Sunday April 3rd, 2016

Monday (4 Hours)

  1. Reviewed the REO bids I submitted last week. Most were rejected, 1 was countered. I decided to pass after scoping out the neighborhood. The deal had potential but 1 block to the left was too rough, 1 block to the right was great. To wholesale it I wantedAbaco Ln Picture to be absolutely certain I’d have a buyer, and on the block I just didn’t have certainty.
  2. We got a new deal! Woohoo! Sent new JV Deal Docs to our JV partner & finalized the
    MLSA and Servicing Transfer paperwork with the seller. Take a look at it —–>
  3. Contacted three potential Social Media/SEO Marketing Managers to take over our marketing for our businesses.
  4. Submitted my newsletter article and advertisement for my upcoming CFRI Note Class on May 14th! I’m super excited to help educate my fellow Central Florida Real Estate Investors about all of the awesome opportunities in Notes!
  5. Updated my JV partners the happenings of my deals.

Tuesday (30 minutes)

  1. I’m trying to finalize a great deal in OH on a new NPN. I’m waiting to hear back from the seller if its a go or not. I’m also reviewing a deal in Riverdale, GA (not my favorite but has potential) from the same seller.

Wednesday (day off)

Thursday (2 hours)

  1. Updated invoice/receipts to Evernote for my Bookkeeper to reconcile within Xero
  2. Submitted an AOM to our attorney in PA to be recorded.
  3. Interviewed with 2 SEO and social media marketing experts for NoteInvestingClub.com and TapeTechs.com, our preliminary due diligence services. also reached out to several more for information and potential future interviews.

Friday – Sunday (Days Off)

Total Income for this Week: $606.85
New Sellers Contacted: 0
Offers Accepted: 0
Total New Bids: 2


Week 13 – You Learn Something New Everyday

8c1d175bcc6284b16d702d7de034e765Well, I learned a lot of new and interesting stuff this week. One cool thing about note investing (as I’m sure any area of investing), there is always a deal that teaches you something completely new that you would only learn in that one weird circumstance that it happens in the deal you want to buy, have purchased, or have under contract. This note had a 2nd mortgage that received a DIL two years ago. The 2nd mortgage contested the 1st mortgage filing foreclosure, and was going through court. I had definitely never seen that before and it brought up a lot of new concerns or issues that I was worried could arise. I talked to my attorney to clarify my concerns and after reviewing the asset and docs I felt comfortable moving forward.

Monday – Tuesday (Honeymoon <3)

Wednesday (6 hours)

Back to the grind big time. I knew I had taken some time off last week and early this week so I got to it and accomplished a lot.

  1. Paid an invoice
  2. Signed for my taxes at my accounts so he can finalize our e-filing.
  3. Emailed vendors handling our deals
  4. Looked at new inventory (put offers in 4 new deals)
  5. Reviewed 2 counter offers from a seller, adjusted our offers slightly!
  6. Got 1 new FL note under contract, but am doing further due diligence. It’s the deal that is teaching me many new lessons! More to come if we decide to close on it or not!
  7. Requested an interview with 3 SEO and social media marketing experts for NoteInvestingClub.com and TapeTechs.com, our preliminary due diligence services.

Thursday (1 and 1/2 hours without reading)

  1. Talked to my attorney about the new FL deal.
  2. Emailed our new FL deal out to our investors. Received several interested partners but none are able to fund in the very quick timeline by March 29th. I’ve asked for an extension from the seller, but have not heard back.
  3. Read for an hour and half.

Friday (5 hours)

  1. Received an REO list from a close friend and colleague. He has a direct seller that allows us to purchase REO’s bypassing auction sites. We put offers in 5 properties! Our intention is to wholesale these to local investors who will fix and hold as rentals, or fix and flip. Fingers crossed we get ALL accepted – they’re GREAT deals!
  2. Went to our Orlando Women Entrepreneur Book Club. It was great to see my fellow entrepreneurial women and talk about our most recent book, Crucial Conversation (highly suggested).

Total Income for this Week: $531.90
New Sellers Contacted: 0
Offers Accepted: 1
Total New Bids: 9

Week 12 – Roller Coaster

This week was interesting. I didn’t spend a lot of time on the business as I got married on Friday and knew the following week I had off work. I decided to focus most of my effort and emotions on the wedding! The start of the week I did want to make sure I at least managed the deals we had and even worked on 2 new deals.

Monday March 14th – Sunday March 20th, 2016


Our OH deal fell through. We were able to get a realtor inside and boy oh boy was this place  TRASHED! While the neighborhood supported higher values, the condition, layout, and size of home made it a much less desirable and valued home than we anticipated. We walked.

Tuesday (1 hour)

  1. Voted – It’s our duty and right (plus these candidates are a mess and our vote matters now more than ever).
  2. Heard back on 2 of my offers on new FL assets. I believed they were accepted based on the sellers language “sale date __/___/16 – will hold”. It was my belief that will hold and sale date meant our closing date. I started contacting our private lenders and had SEVERAL interested partners within just 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.07.25 PM

Wednesday (Day off – Final Errands for Wedding)

Thursday (2 Hours) –  BIG LESSON & LET DOWN

  1. Emailed the seller of my FL assets for the electronic collateral files and came to findScreen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.10.20 PMout the “will hold” meant they are no longer interested in selling and will hold the deals. I had spent about 2 hours working on executive summaries to send to our lenders just to be let down and they were GREAT deals.
    My ah-ha from this experience is to ask for clarification if wording is vague or easily misunderstood especially when working with new sellers.


Friday – Sunday (Day Off/Honeymoon!)

Total Income for this Week: $169.00
New Sellers Contacted: 0
Offers Accepted: 2 (well, see Thursday)
Total New Bids: 0

Week 11 – New Deal, New Inventory!

A lot of investors have been feeling the pinch from the lack of non-performing inventory in the first quarter. I know I was hard pressed to find deals in Jan. & Feb. I knew it was simply the timing for sellers. Inventory would be ramping up soon and this week was proof of that. I also know the more sellers I’m connecting with, the more inventory I will receive. Just the few connections I made this week have been solid leads that have sent me GREAT inventory already!

If there is one thing to focus your time and effort on in this business, it is making direct relationships with reputable sellers that have good inventory. I’m going to continue to focus my efforts on this, and allowing my VA’s to do the small or timely tasks (due diligence, social media marketing, accounting/book keeping).

Monday March 7th – Sunday March 13th, 2016

Monday (Day Off)

Tuesday (2 hours)

  1. Sent a new tape to my Virtual Assistants (VA’s) to scrub and complete preliminary due diligence on. It’s a large tape of over 100 assets – so having them scrub it and filter it to my buying criteria while I workout, sleep, relax, and cook is AWESOME! OUTSOURCING IS GREAT!
  2. Got a new deal under contract in Warren, OH! It looks like it should be a good opportunity and would give our JV partner a 16% +/- ROI in a year or less.  Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.03.35 PM
  3. Emailed/Connected with 5 new potential sellers.

Wednesday (4 hours)

  1. Put in an offer on a note in GA & received a new tape of FL assets.
  2. Sent some needed info/docs to my new Bookkeeper & VA (currently setting everything up on Xero.com and it’s going wonderfully!)

Thursday (30 minutes)

  1. Looked at 2 new assets.

Friday (4 hours -So, I was bad. I worked on a day I’m trying to take off…but hey, I guess if deals are calling I’m not going to turn them away.)

  1. Recorded a new podcast for our website, NoteInvestingClub.com.
  2. Submitted 8 offers to 2 different sellers.
  3. Found out my OH deal is valued less than I expected, I’m having to open the negotiation table.
  4. Finished the FL Inventory & looked at another new tape (that was crap to be honest 0 not all tapes are considered equal).

Sunday (20 minutes)

  1. Finished this post.
  2. Read for 1 hour.
  3. Connected with 3 new sellers & started to receive inventory from 2 of them.

Total Income for this Week: $686.42
New Sellers Contacted: 8
Offers Accepted: 1
Total New Bids: 8


Bradenton REO Case Study

Another great deal, bought and closed. This was deal was completed with a “JV Partner” (Joint Venture) and was completed in a whopping 47 days! Our company, Seasoned Funding, LLC acquired this deal from a note wholesaler. While this was our first time working with them, we have closed several more and are looking forward to completing many other home run deals like this in 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.48.14 PM

As you can see, this deal was a seriously killer deal. We ended up selling it for way more than we initially anticipated and in less time (both great things). There were some small complications with the original closing because the title company the seller went with did not understand our creative structuring. We securitized our JV partner with a 1st lien private mortgage with a lenders policy which was rejected by the closing company 3 times before they finally had legal review it and accept it!

We got clean up started right away but had set backs once again because it fell during the Thanksgiving holiday. We finally got everything buttoned up and on the market within about 3 weeks, and as you saw it was smooth sailing from there!

If you want to see some of other portfolio holdings, or find out how to get involved with our company and see returns like these, please visit our website, gives us a call, or email us!

The Dangers of Brokering


When you start off in the real estate investing world most “gurus” or educational speakers suggest going into wholesaling or brokering. They talk about the benefits and ease of assigning a contract or mortgage for quick cash. The concept is great and works for many investors, but the negatives that are involved are almost never discussed.

My company, Seasoned Funding, LLC had success in a joint venture deal with two other investors, wholesaling a contract on a house in Central Florida in January of this year but we ran into our first real experience brokering a note this past week. It was a juicy non-performing note deal in Sanford, FL that was listed on a tape we had received from one of our direct contacts. We are in no way shape or form, exclusive to this tape, but took the time to go through and see if there was anything worthwhile. After doing some light due diligence we knew we had a deal. I decided to drive out to the property take some pictures to see it’s current condition and had a local realtor from our REIA group pull comparables and give me a valuation.

The following day we put in our offer and within an hour, it was accepted at $26,000! I immediately pulled an O&E report, which can cost anywhere from $50 – $100 and created a flyer to help us advertise through Postlets. We inserted the deal into our email-advertising host, Mailchimp, and blasted it out to all note investors, real estate investors, and connections our company has acquired on LinkedIn.

Within 30 minutes I received 3 emails inquiring for more information on the NPN. I knew this deal was going to close quickly! The inquiries continued the following day and that night, I met with a fellow investor who was interested in the deal.

Somehow, with all of the advertising our company did on this note, fellow note investors or the people that sent us inquiries discovered who the direct source was and went to the source placing a higher bid than our accepted price, yet lower than our assignment fee (even though our fee was only discussed with 4 people). The timeline for closing had not been discussed with the fund manager after our offer was accepted, and I assumed that I had the typical due diligence period of about 2 – 7 days. Two days after our offer was accepted, the fund manager called to state that because of the increased interest and bids on this note within the last 24 hours if we were not able to have the money wired to the fund by the close of the business week, (which at this point was the following afternoon), we would lose the deal.


We were fuming! We understood the funds perspectives and were EXTREMELY thankful that they stuck to their word and honored our offer, but we just couldn’t believe that even though a NDA was filled out and NO fund names were disclosed, a fellow investor(s) had no qualms going behind our backs and jeopardizing the deal for our company who did the brunt of the work.

We called the investor we had met with the previous night and disclosed what was happening and why the sudden urgency to close. Luckily, he was extremely understanding, and got to work with his SDIRA to get all of the paperwork completed to get the funding wired by deadline. Even with the sudden urgency, the fund wasn’t able to provide the SDIRA with all of the paperwork they wanted/needed in order to fund, something that happens quiet frequently when investing with NPN’s and SDIRA’s.

When we heard the news we immediately figured we’d not only lost the deal, but lost $100 from pulling the O&E but to our surprise, the fund manager commended our work and agreed to extend the closing date to the following business day using one of our other inquiring investors that they had previously done business with.

We found out that the “inquiring investor” was in fact the one who went directly to the source in an attempt to cut us out and was attempting to continue to do so. We spoke with the investor on Friday, in which they said “yes” to our fee and interest in closing, but then told us they had no interest in the deal on Tuesday (expected closing day). We found out from the fund manager directly that they were now trying to buy the deal for the price we had negotiated leaving no fee at all, even though we had come to an agreement on a fee price Thursday! The fund manager once again stuck to his word and told the investor unless the fee was included, they were not able to purchase the note. He allowed us 2 more days to contact one of our other funders and were able to close the deal for our original asking fee, $6,000! It took a lot longer than expected, and had more complications than I could have ever predicted but we luckily were able to close – all thanks to the fund manager!

Point blank, there are some people that are selfish and unethical. I understand the reason you get into investing is to make money, but I have trouble understanding how a fellow investor could do that to a company that’s simply trying to do the same thing. If you ask me, if someone does the work in finding the deal, crunching the numbers, and pulling/doing due diligence; they deserve a fee.What I want investors to learn from this story is how to better protect themselves when trying to wholesale or broker a deal. If you don’t advertise, the deal won’t be sold but if you advertise you run the risk of other investors attempting to “cut you out of the deal”; it’s a double edged sword.

So here are a few steps we’re going to make sure we are taking in the future to better protect ourselves:

  1. Have ALL inquiring investors fill out an NDA (that has been approved/drafted by an attorney to properly protect you) before giving ANY information out. No matter how badly you want to close or need the leads, if they’re serious, they’ll take the time to sign it and wait for the information. You can state the area (provide pictures and details) but don’t give them everything right away.
  2. When advertising – DO NOT list the address until an NDA has been signed and returned and you’ve spoken face-to-face or over the phone with the inquiring investor(s).
  3. Have a clause within the NDA or a separate agreement that states they will not go directly to the source(s) if it is disclosed or discovered. Remind them of this fact when you send the NDA or have the NDA returned.
  4. If at all possible, discuss having the entire “marked up” price funded directly to the seller. After they have received the funds, they will wire you your fee. This will keep an investor from knowing your negotiated price and keep them from attempting to negotiate your fee down.
  5. If your fund is not willing/able to accept the “marked up” price and wire you your fee, get a brokering or wholesaling agreement signed stating that if they want to follow through with this deal they must agree to pay you a the agreed upon fee.
  6. Try not to disclose the source of the deal if at all possible! Delete their name from any Sale/Purchase Agreements or any documents that could eventually tell the inquiring investor(s) where it is coming from until they are ready to wire the money to close.

Now these are not always going to protect you. People will do what they want to do, ethical or not, but I’m hoping by taking this steps and being smart about your investments you can learn from our mistake and get another deal under your belt.