2017 Year End Summary as Full Time Note Investors

Can you believe 2017 is already coming to an end? We’re excited to say we’re wrapping up another wonderful year in the note investing world. This year had a lot of huge accomplishments for us. Not only did we have another great year for our note investments, but we launched Note Investing Academy, a brand new 100% online note investing education. Our biggest celebration would have to be leaving our full time jobs to pursue our dream of full time travel. We now work and travel North America on our fifth wheel Toy Hauler (RV)!

Below is the summary of our action and results within our Note Investing business, Seasoned Funding, LLC in 2017. We’re very content with the number of deals as well as the overall profit and ROI we received on the deals we’ve closed. A big part of being note investors for us, is the time freedom it allows. We like to do around 20 deals a year. We found that’s the perfect number more than support us financially while allowing us the time to do all of the fun things we want as we travel. Could we do more deals? Of course! But that would mean putting more work in – and we’re pretty good where we’re at for the time being! Take a look for yourself.


2017 sure was an incredible year and we’re excited to see all of the amazing things 2018 is sure to bring! Wishing you all a successful and prosperous 2018!


Week 25 & 26 – Warrior Power

I was in California for 9 days for the Enlightened Warrior Camp from New Peaks. It was AMAZING. Completely life changing; mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging that brought me to a new level of kick-assness. I came back more confident than ever that I will reach my goals and dreams no matter what the challenge or obstacle. It was an absolutely amazing week and camp and highly suggest it to anyone interested in going and seeing real change and results in their life!

13466047_10154192835972246_5471123968789249288_nOh, did I mention? While I was away….
1. Sold our Tampa property at the foreclosure auction (YAY FOR A PAYDAY) – our JV partners are getting over 20% return on their money, & the overall deal is 46% return!
2. Our VA’s scrub 3 tapes for clients on www.tapetechs.com
3. Had my VA’s scrub new deals

Monday June 20th – Sunday June 26th

Monday (6 hours)

  1. Caught up on emails that I did not respond to while on vacation.
  2. Checked on current deals & updated my lenders on their happenings.
  3. Listed our Jacksonville rental for sale by owner on Zillow (if you want to take a look it’s a 13% yield for an investor and already has a tenant in place).
  4. Made sure all of my paperwork was in order

Tuesday (5 hours)

  1. Reviewed the new inventory my VA’s did over vacation.
  2. Got a new laptop, apple TV and more goodies for our business!
  3. Looked at new inventory that was sent to me but hadn’t been scrubbed yet submitted 2 offers.
  4. Got a new deal in Tallahassee under contract from a friend/fellow Note Investor.
  5. Marketing for July (Facebook and Email Campaigns).

Wednesday (6 hours including volunteering)

  1. Recorded an AOM and Deed from previous deals.
  2. Drafted a DIL (Deed in Lieu) to send to a borrower that is interested in giving us their property.
  3. Volunteered at a Due Diligence course taught by Sandra Edmonds with our local REIA (CFRI).
  4. Advertised about the Virtual Note CAMP that is happening the 23 – 26th for only $97!

Thursday (5 hours)

  1. Advertised our new Tallahassee deal and found a private lender for it in less than 24 Exterior Picture
  2. Pulled title (O&E) for new deal.
  3. Contacted IL Hardest Hits Funds to release the lien from our borrower that is giving us a DIL. We need a title commitment and search to be completed on the property before they will do a release of lien. Found a title company in the county to handle that for us.
  4. Prepared my presentation for Note CAMP on Sunday.


Friday – Saturday (Days off)

Sunday (2 hours)13482943_1632409840419270_2034719405715299872_o

  1. Spoke on Scott Carson’s Note CAMP about Doing Due Diligence right. I showed the attendants how to do preliminary due diligence, talked about formal due diligence, and offered them awesome discounted pricing for TapeTechs.com and NoteInvestingClub.com!
  2. Wrote this post.

Total Bids Submitted:
 3 (with 3 more ready to submit)
Total Bids Accepted: 1 and still waiting on 2 more.
Number of New Sellers Contacted: 0
Total Profit: $74.95


Start Your Year off Powerfully!

Instead of the typical goal planning blog post we see come the start of a new year, I wanted to help you start your year off right by learning about the Power Poses, discovered by Amy Cuddy, and how they can improve your business this year.

042e69d10765d8fb3e2be611dcc021b6I was recently watching Amy’s talk on Ted.com (if you haven’t heard of this you need click that link immediately and be ready to have your world rocked). In her 20 minute speech she discusses nonverbal body language and how it correlates to our inner beliefs which directly effects our ultimate success, confidence, and dominance in the business world and personal life. While I highly suggest watching her talk, here is a quick recap of her teachings.

In a several experiments, Amy discovered that our body language can actual trigger “hormonal changes that configure your brain to basically be either assertive, confident and comfortable, or really stress-reactive, and feeling sort of shut down.” She discovered the 5 poses that she calls “Power Poses”  which are proven when used, to help our help our bodies change our minds to feel more confident, able, and successful. Not only does consistently using these poses help change your mind to feel more confident and improve self-efficacy, but others interpret you differently as well!


One of the best parts of the speech was when she mentioned, “our bodies change our minds and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes…” Think about that! She has proven that our brain can be conditioned to believe we are more inept for success than we originally believed just from consistently utilizing the power poses and making them a part of our every day life.

So before your next negotiation, sales pitch, or big meeting take some time to do a power pose for 2 minutes and see the impact it can make. I hope this helps you be more aware as you start 2016 off with a powerful punch!

New Year, Same Old Resolutions? How to Succeed in Your 2015 Goals!


It’s New Years. It’s that time that the gyms are swarmed with new members, diet adds are flooding our TV’s, and gurus are abound with the newest and quickest way to be happier, save more, or become financially free! After all, an average of 45% of americans make a New Year’s resolution. Who can blame them, it is a great time to reflect on your past success from the prior year, and determine what your future goals will be for the impending one. Unfortunately, only 8% of people feel the actually succeed in accomplishing their New Years Resolutions, and 24% fail on their resolutions year after year.


So why is that we see such little success when our intentions are true, positive, and we know would create a better, happier life? The answer is simple; HABITS. As unfortunate as it is, humans love their habits of either DOING or NOT DOING. Whether it’s a habit of doing something like smoking, eating too much, or procrastinating, you’ve conditioned your body to comply with your habit every day without fail. It has become your “norm”. Why is it easier to eat or watch TV instead of work out? Because you are in the habit of doing those things instead of going to the gym! You are NOT in the habit of working out. If you want to quit smoking but are in the habit of smoking a cigarette once, twice, or even three times a day, well you’re in the habit of smoking! In order to break an unwanted habit, you need to get out of the habit of NOT DOING and DO the activity that well help you reach your new goal.

Research has shown that it takes a mere 21 days to break OR create a habit if it’s carried out consistently. The trouble is that most people break them after a few days and don’t allow them selves the full 3 week commitment it takes to see results and make it a natural part of your life. If you can stick to it and work hard at your goal for the initial 21 days, your chances of long term success skyrocket! Remember, if it takes 21 days to make a new habit, it can take 21 days to easily break it, so it’s important not to “fall back” into your old ways even if you make it through your three week period.

Another reason for short lived success is from choosing too many resolutions to tackle at once. I suggest conquering each individual goal until they have truly become a new habit and are a consistent part of your life. It’s easy to fall back into your old unwanted self without proper support, guidance, and motivation to stay consistent so reach out to someone who is working toward the same goal or is like minded and could be seen as a positive role model for your success.

Planning for your Goals


I like to start my year off with a few exercises to help my mind get focused on what I want to to achieve, visualize how I will achieve it, and then focus on the feeling I will get when I accomplish them.  Tony Robbins explains in his book Awaken the Giant Within when a person has a deep associations with pain, they are more likely to reach a goal or overcome an obstacle. Pain is a stronger motivator than pleasure. We know losing weight will bring us pleasure, but we stop because the pain of working out keeps us from doing what it takes. If you can associate enough pain to your current habits or situation, then you can transform that into motivation to accomplishing your new goal/habit.

If you’re not sure where to start, I like to do a pain association exercise I read about in the book Turning Terrible Into Terrific from the author Dennis Cummings. The exercise requires you to think about what areas of life cause you the most pain, and typically are the areas you most want to improve on most. Close your eyes and think about your life, think of everything you’re tired of dealing with. What causes you the most pain? What makes you embarrassed? What frustrates you or stresses you out? Write down EVERYTHING you can think of and then more! If you stop for a second, keep going! It can be as big as “I’m tired of not being able to pay my bills” or “I’m tired of being overweight and feeling tired and fat”. It can even be as simple as “I’m tired of working too much”or “I’m tired of not being able to go on vacations”. After you write them all down, think about which ones cause you the most pain (most likely the first ones that came to mind) and order those from 1 – 10 (1 being the worst pain, 10 being the least). From there, narrow these down to your top 5 and turn them into specific goals.

Writing Explicit Goals

It’s important when making goals that you are specific, precise, and use language that does not imply wishing, trying, will, or possibility. Here’s an example goal,

“I’m tired of being overweight and fat, I am healthy, I eat foods that are good for me, and I workout daily!”

Your goals should also have action steps such as, “I workout daily” – by using the word ‘daily’ you are giving yourself an attainable, measurable goal to reach and are setting an expectation for yourself as well. They should also use positive language that implies you are already doing what it takes NOW.  By saying “I am”, and “I eat”, you are telling yourself you are in the habit of doing those things. Whether you currently are or not, your brain will condition itself to believe that you are and the act will happen more naturally to you. Last but not least – READ THEM aloud to yourself daily! Post your goals where you will see it with your morning cup of coffee, tea, or breakfast. Put them at your desk, in your car, or wherever you will see them, read them and believe them as much as possible.


I’m a big believer in goal setting and planning and firmly believe in the power of setting goals. You should always be working on you, and if New Year’s is the time to start then power to you and plan on! I wish you the best success in 2015!

Making a “SMART” New Year’s Resolution


The time has come again for people old and young to determine their new year’s resolutions. The definition of resolution is the firm decision to do or not do something. It makes sense that people use the start of a new year as their time to reflect and determine what they will or will not do to improve their current emotional, social, physical, and financial well being.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology at the University of Scranton, 45% of the U.S. population make new year’s resolutions. Of the 45%, a staggering 8% accomplish one-hundred percent of their goals and only 46% continue working at their goals past six months!

Why such little success? Many people are not aware of how to create a goal and the majority of them fail to WRITE their goals down, a proven factor in goal setting success and achievement. A recent study on goal setting and success was done at the Dominican University of California in which they determined there is a higher success rate when people not only wrote their goals down, but were held accountable by sharing their goals with a friend and creating action commitments to help them succeed.

If you want to beat the statistics and be a part of the success rather than the failure take the first step by creating a “SMART” resolution.


A SMART goal isn’t simply “Make More Money” it needs to be specific and time-bound, like “Make a profit of $100,000 by December 31st”. You also need to decide what relevant, measurable, and attainable actions or commitments need to be taken in order to achieve that goal. These actions can be seen as baby steps. If you want to make $100,000 this year, it’s not going to happen all at once. By determining your “action commitments” you can track and monitor your progress, making you more likely to succeed. This could be doing things like “closing 5 flips, wholesaling 3 properties a month, or acquiring 8 doors (rental income) worth $50 each”.

Now that you have your steps, your SMART goal would be “Make a profit of $100,000 by December 31st by doing 3 wholesale deals a month or better and acquiring 12 doors worth $50 each or more.” Adding the words MORE or BETTER eliminates the possibility of a “glass ceiling”. You never know what you’re fully capable of if you stop when you reach your initial goal.

If one of your resolutions is eliminating a negative habit, try not to do it cold turkey, your chance of success is greatly diminished with this method. One way to make sure you’re on track with your baby steps is creating mini-check points, like “made $250 in cash flow by March 1st” or “made $25,000 from liquidation by April 1st”.

When writing your goals try to avoid future tense. Instead of saying “I will make $250 in cash flow by March 1st”, say “MADE $250 in cash flow by March 1st”. Saying “made” instead of “will make” makes your brain believe it has happened getting you one step closing to obtaining the goal.

POST YOUR GOALS WHERE YOU WILL READ THEM EVERYDAY! It doesn’t matter if you have to post them on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator door, or car mirror, just make sure you continue to review and assess your goals throughout the year.

It also helps to have a friend, partner, or family member helping hold you accountable. Doing activities together, discussing your challenges and successes throughout the year will only help keep you motivated and on track.


I hope this helps you start to be the success you want to see and take action in order to achieve your dreams!

1 Year Later and Where Are We Now?

November 2nd, 2013 marks Seasoned Funding, LLC’s official one year anniversary of being in business. My boyfriend and business partner, Dennis Smith and I, created Seasoned Funding, LLC after hearing about real estate investing from my sister and brother-in-law in the summer of 2012. They were in the process of taking educational courses in real estate investing and were starting a company of their own. After hearing more about it and reassessing our future goals, their new found ambition resonated in us and we decided to take action of our own.


So it’s one year later. Where are we today? Our company, Seasoned Funding progresses each and every day. We are constantly learning, growing, and networking in order to improve and excel in what we do. When I originally sat down to write this post, I felt like the successes we’ve had were not as I hoped and imagined for our first year. We have completed three deals and are in the process of trying to finalize a fourth. Our original ambitions were far more extravagant than what we’ve currently accomplished, but now that I am looking back at where we were, to where we are today, I could not be more proud of our successes.

I can honestly say that we are doing something that 98% of our family, friends, and colleagues will never do. We are taking control of our lives and creating a means to achieving our dreams. We’re not settling for a mediocre life that will result in numerous hours of stressful work for little pay or satisfaction. We are not settling by living paycheck to paycheck saving what little money is leftover. We are not settling for one or two vacations a year for at most a week. We are not settling for the things we can only afford and not the things we really want.

We are creating the life that we’ve always dreamed of but never thought was possible. Our dreams are no longer dreams, they are goals that we will make happen. Yes, it will take time and dedication, and yes, there will be mistakes; but the overall outcome is worth it all. This time two years ago I would have never dreamed of being where I am today. I hope in two years I can positively say the same. Our one year anniversary seemed like the perfect time to look out our past goals, reassess what we want for our future, what we need to achieve to get there, and make a new plan of action.


We are now embarking in a new area of our industry and will be working with a coach over the next 4 months to help further develop our understanding and expertise in the area of purchasing income producing properties for long term holdings using seller financing. We look forward to branching out to a new area of investing as we continue to grow our non-performing note business and seeing all we accomplish in the next year.

I hope this post will remind you to take the time every once in a while and look back at all you’ve accomplished. Remind your yourself why you’re doing this in the first place. When there’s doubt, rejection, or distractions all around us it’s easy to lose sight of your goal. So stop for a second and look at all you have done. Use that to motivate you to do even more. Continue to take action and be the change you want to see!