Keeping Up With Your Markets Nationwide

As Note Investors it’s extremely important to keep up with the various real estate markets in the United States. It keeps you informed at new emerging markets that might be a new target for you to purchase in, as well as keeping you educated on what markets to avoid. Everything is in a constant ebb and flow or stable or strong economic and real estate markets, to a potentially declining market.  Very rarely does one city or state remains stagnant, so your buying criteria needs to adjust as the markets do.

Here at Seasoned Funding, LLC we understand the importance of studying the market conditions in the states we like to purchase more and are constantly adjusting our buying criteria based on our findings. If a once thriving city that we liked to target had an economic hardship and is in the decline, we will be extra careful about buying there or possibly remove it from our list all together. On the other hand, if we find a new market that is growing like Detroit, we will do more research on the area, and where specifically within that city is ideal to target.

With that being said, make sure you as a note investor are keeping up with the market research that is amply supplied to us online. We like to use a variety of resources to help us stay up to date. Two resources we found very helpful this month were CNN (Top Home Markets) and Top 20 Performing Markets in August 2017


While half the list is in California, a state that doesn’t meet our buying criteria for several other reasons, most of the other cities are in states and cities are in markets we already purchase or we’ll now add them to our potential purchase areas when digesting tapes.


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