FL Foreclosure Grand Slam

               One of the reasons I love investing in notes is the variety of income. Sometimes I receive a payoff from a sale of a home in as little as 3 months, other times it’s closer to 1 year or more. I can turn a non-performing note into consistent cash flow, or I can gain back title and rent it out or seller finance it to a new buyer. The options are endless, and the versatility of income is just one of the great things about investing in notes.

           One of the other great benefits about investing in notes, is that at least once a year (if you’re lucky sometimes more), you get Grand Slam deals like this one. This deal really is an out of the park, grand slam, killer deal. It took just six months to get a 155% return on our money, and provided us with a profit that was double my annual salary in just one deal! Does it get much better than that? It’s also great that our partnering investor was happy because they received 1 years worth of interest (fixed interest only loan) in their IRA, in just 6 months. This means their return on investment was much higher than our agreed upon rate of return, 100% tax free, and passive.

          The borrower in this note was happy because he was able to move into a new home for his impending retirement and we assisted him with $3,000 toward his moving costs. His debt was gone, and he’s retirement ready. Take a look at the details below!

Screenshot 2017-05-07 18.07.14.png

                 While this deal doesn’t come along every day, these deals do happen (and not just once)! We have other deals that are shaping up to be as great as this, and we have several colleagues and friends that have stories with crazy returns in little turn around time. If you’re interested in working with as an investor please reach out to us at the contact information below. See how you can passively grow your IRA like this partnering investor did at a great investment to value!


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