Week 25 & 26 – Warrior Power

I was in California for 9 days for the Enlightened Warrior Camp from New Peaks. It was AMAZING. Completely life changing; mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging that brought me to a new level of kick-assness. I came back more confident than ever that I will reach my goals and dreams no matter what the challenge or obstacle. It was an absolutely amazing week and camp and highly suggest it to anyone interested in going and seeing real change and results in their life!

13466047_10154192835972246_5471123968789249288_nOh, did I mention? While I was away….
1. Sold our Tampa property at the foreclosure auction (YAY FOR A PAYDAY) – our JV partners are getting over 20% return on their money, & the overall deal is 46% return!
2. Our VA’s scrub 3 tapes for clients on www.tapetechs.com
3. Had my VA’s scrub new deals

Monday June 20th – Sunday June 26th

Monday (6 hours)

  1. Caught up on emails that I did not respond to while on vacation.
  2. Checked on current deals & updated my lenders on their happenings.
  3. Listed our Jacksonville rental for sale by owner on Zillow (if you want to take a look it’s a 13% yield for an investor and already has a tenant in place).
  4. Made sure all of my paperwork was in order

Tuesday (5 hours)

  1. Reviewed the new inventory my VA’s did over vacation.
  2. Got a new laptop, apple TV and more goodies for our business!
  3. Looked at new inventory that was sent to me but hadn’t been scrubbed yet submitted 2 offers.
  4. Got a new deal in Tallahassee under contract from a friend/fellow Note Investor.
  5. Marketing for July (Facebook and Email Campaigns).

Wednesday (6 hours including volunteering)

  1. Recorded an AOM and Deed from previous deals.
  2. Drafted a DIL (Deed in Lieu) to send to a borrower that is interested in giving us their property.
  3. Volunteered at a Due Diligence course taught by Sandra Edmonds with our local REIA (CFRI).
  4. Advertised about the Virtual Note CAMP that is happening the 23 – 26th for only $97!

Thursday (5 hours)

  1. Advertised our new Tallahassee deal and found a private lender for it in less than 24 Exterior Picture
  2. Pulled title (O&E) for new deal.
  3. Contacted IL Hardest Hits Funds to release the lien from our borrower that is giving us a DIL. We need a title commitment and search to be completed on the property before they will do a release of lien. Found a title company in the county to handle that for us.
  4. Prepared my presentation for Note CAMP on Sunday.


Friday – Saturday (Days off)

Sunday (2 hours)13482943_1632409840419270_2034719405715299872_o

  1. Spoke on Scott Carson’s Note CAMP about Doing Due Diligence right. I showed the attendants how to do preliminary due diligence, talked about formal due diligence, and offered them awesome discounted pricing for TapeTechs.com and NoteInvestingClub.com!
  2. Wrote this post.

Total Bids Submitted:
 3 (with 3 more ready to submit)
Total Bids Accepted: 1 and still waiting on 2 more.
Number of New Sellers Contacted: 0
Total Profit: $74.95


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