Week 24 -FREEDOM

This is my last week of school (I’m still teaching Kindergarten full time), and I’m ready for summer. I plan to do a lot of work on our business acquiring new deals, closing a few out (wohoo pay days), and increasing tapetechs.com and noteinvestingclub.com presence throughout the note community. Take a look at what happened this week.

Monday June 6th, 2016 – Sunday June 12th, 2016

Monday (30 minutes)

My VA’s researched a tape of FL assets for me. I submitted three bids to the seller. This is a broker (which isn’t my favorite to work with). We’ll see if the inventory is even still available and how it turns out.

Tuesday (day off)

Wednesday (20 minutes)

  1. Mostly my day off (and last day of school), but did talk to an attorney and our buyers for our new deal in Winter Park.

Thursday (2 hours)

  1. Recorded 2 new AOM on Simplifile.
  2. Got a document notarized and deposited 2 checks from our JV partners for our new deals.
  3. Reviewed loan sale agreements, collateral files, Got everything finalized for our closing in the Winter Park deal tomorrow.
  4. Submitted the completed tape to our TapeTechs client.


  1. Property in Tampa is going to sale Monday, created a Zillow advertisement for it to publicize the sale. We also had a company go out and remove all the interior and exterior trash and take interior pictures. Take a look! We’re expecting to see around a 40% overall return on investment. Our JV partners are going to see yields in the 20%’s!
  2. Looked at some new inventory, placed a bid on 1 asset.
  3. Followed up on 4 bids I have out with a seller to see if there is a response.
  4. Reinstating foreclosure on a property after the borrower failed to complete their side of the modification.
  5. Our tenant also did not pay this month…so our property manager is submitting the 3 day demand, ugh.

Saturday & Sunday

Headed off to California! We’re going to a Warrior Camp retreat, which works on improving mindset, pushing you beyond your limitations, and helping you reach your goals! It’ll be the perfect way to kick start my summer goals.

Total Bids Submitted: 4
Total Bids Accepted: still waiting…
Number of New Sellers Contacted: 8
Total Profit: $2,634

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