Week 23 – Summer is Here

It is my last week before summer break officially begins and I’m free to do real estate 24/7 (of course it will be more like 6 – 10 hours a week) but still! I can see the horizon and I can’t wait. We’re still working hard to get new deals. Take a look at the action I took this week to get us closer to our goals!

Monday May 30th – Sunday May 22nd

Monday (Memorial Day)

Drove by a new deal we received in Titusville on our way back from the beach. It’s nice when you can focus your day on fun and still sneak in a bit of work without the extra time or cost of a separate drive.


  1. Ran my #’s and put a formal bid in on a property in Titusville, FL. Take a look at the 20160530_192035.jpghouse here. It’s set for FC sale July 27th, so we were playing the waiting game.
  2. Created a marketing campaign add for our sellers for the next two months.
  3. Followed up with a few vendors about our current deals.

Wednesday (6 hours total)

  1. Talked with a private lender about our new deal in Winter Park and in Titusville
  2. Went to our local CFRI meeting (volunteered) and got in touch with a few new private lenders!
  3. Received the collateral files for our newest deal in TN.
  4. Got our eviction letter (demand letter) for our contact for deed in IL prepared with our attorney. That should be delivered Friday or Monday (which is making this process nice and quick).


Negotiated a buy price the Winter Park deal that was sent to us. Got the price down from $145,000 to $135,000 with a closing next week. We’ll be making a $2,500 “wholesale” fee on this and helping the investor make sure everything goes smoothly. They’ll be keeping it to fix and flip.

Friday – Saturday (Days off)

Found out we did not get the Titusville deal because someone snagged it first. I took my time making my formal bid while I did some more due diligence, just goes to show. Make your bid, verify after!

Sunday  (3 hours)

  1. Wrote this blog post.
  2. Wrote our June Newsletter
  3. Followed up with vendors I hadn’t heard back from or things I’ve been pushing to the  address in the summer or when I feel I have “free time”.

Total Bids Submitted: 2
Total Bids Accepted: 1 (2 were rejected)
Number of New Sellers Contacted: 5
Total Profit: $49.95

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