Week 20 – Holy Productive

Wow! This week has been AWESOME! We got 3 deals under contract although we are e09e20c0d4fd42e5a40338e4d3317bf6
walking from one, just doesn’t meet out investment criteria. We’ll be closing on both of these next week! I also was asked by the lovely Scott Carson to dive into due diligence for his Virtual Note Buying for Dummies course. It was an awesome time and a great way to get our services for TapeTechs.com and NoteInvestingClub.com to new note investors. Lastly, I prepared my final presentation for our upcoming Note Class in the Central Florida area. I’m REALLY looking forward to it!


Monday May 9th – Sunday May 15th, 2016

Monday & Tuesday (days off)

Wednesday (4 hours)

  1. Got offers accepted on 3 properties in IL and OK (take a look here). Decided just to move forward with the IL properties after further due diligence came back this weekend.
  2. Called Realtors to provide BPO/CMA’s on properties and verify condition.
  3. Ordered O&E on assets.

Friday (2 hours)

  1. Tenants moved in finally (this process was definitely a long one). They seem very happy with the home and I hope they are great tenants while the rent.
  2. Created my powerpoint presentation for Scott’s Note Buying for Dummies class.

Saturday (2 hours)

  1. Drafted documents and JV/Lending Agreements for our partners on these two new deals.
  2. Looked at a new Florida asset and submitted a bid.
  3. Reviewed Modification plan for a borrower to be submitted to them this week.

Sunday (5 hours)

  1. Spoke at Scott’s Note Buying for Dummies and blew some investors minds on the preliminary due diligence process!
  2. Looked at 3 more assets in GA, & IL will likely put offers in on one or more Monday.
  3. Finished my powerpoint & handout presentation for my day long class May 21st with CFRI. If you’re local and want to sign up go here –>  CFRI Note Class

Offers Submitted: 1
Offers accepted: 3
New sellers contacted: 0
Total Income: $299.75


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