Week 19 – Make it Happen May!

May is starting to out as a great month. Inventory is ample and in steady flow. I am feeling really positive with where the market is going and looking forward to making bids! Since I’ve dubbed this month “Make it Happen May” I’m look forward to seeing things happen. My actions are already proving this!Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 3.59.46 PM

Monday May 2nd – Sunday May 8th, 2016

Monday & Tuesday – Day off

Wednesday  – (3 hours)

  1. Received a new tape from another TapeTechs client for our VA’s to scrub.
  2. Volunteered/Went to the CFRI (Central Florida Real Estate Association) Meeting. I was able to network with several other investors, and even got to do a quick speech about my upcoming Note Investing class in Orlando on May 21st. I received a lot of positive interest about the class!

Thursday – (1 hour)

  1. Got word back on my 2 offers from two weeks ago. They countered extremely high compared to my offers. I submitted my CMA/BPO’s to verify my bid. I’m waiting to hear back.
  2. Received 2 new tapes to go through. One has 41 assets, the 2nd tape has 213 to dive through. This is when knowing how to narrow down tapes becomes crucial!
  3. Received a new deal from a colleague and friend. Submitted a bid on that one. We heard back the following day with a counter and are in negotiations.

Friday –  (30 minutes)

  1. A final hearing to file final judgement was on Monday May 2nd. Our attorney heard back that we are set for foreclosure sale June 13th, 2016. We are hoping to sell it at the foreclosure steps, if not we are working on reaching out to local investors in the neighborhood to sell to. (This property is in Tampa).
  2. Returned the tape to a TapeTechs Client that our Virtual Assistants had completed.
  3. Paid 1 invoice.

Saturday (5 hours)

  1. While I don’t love working on the weekends it works well with my personal schedule. I normally only work in the early mornings before my husband wakes up and we venture out for the day. Today, I started scrubbing my newest tape. I submitted 1 formal bid and inquired for more information about 2 more I’m interested in. Hopefully I’ll get 3 formal bids in.
  2. Dove into my 2nd tape which my VA’s (virtual assistants) are helping me with. I’ll submit my formal bids on Monday.

Offers Submitted: 3
Offers accepted: …still waiting! (waiting to hear back on 4 offers as of now)
New sellers contacted: 0
Total Income: $219.90


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