Week 18 – Busy, Busy!

This was one of those weeks where each night you are working toward the moment you can finally get some rest. Not only was it busy for business but also in my personal life. While I managed to do it all I’m definitely tired and ready for some R&R! This quote pretty much sums it up. Hustle humbly and let the success scream!1d5f30f3d6577713add0005fee2d457b

Monday April 25 – Sunday May 1st, 2016

Monday – Day off (Hubby’s Birthday)

Tuesday – (2 Hours)

  1. Returned a tape to a TapeTechs Client that our Virtual Assistants had completed.
  2. Received a new tape from a hedge fund and sent it to our VA’s to scrub for me (instead of me doing the research, I went to the gym, cooked dinner, and got some time to relax)! Submitted 3 bids on these assets.
  3. Paid invoices to two vendors.

Wednesday – (4 hours)

  1. Received a new tape from another TapeTechs client for our VA’s to scrub. This was a much larger tape and wanted a 24 hour turn around. I monitored the VA’s closely to ensure their work was quality even with the rush delivery.
  2. Received news that my upcoming class on Non-Performing Note Investing is going to be switched from May 14th to May 21st.

Thursday  – (30 minutes)

  1. Submitted the completed tapes to our client.

Friday & Saturday – Time Off

Sunday – (2 Hours)

  1. Wrote this post.
  2. Did Marketing for May. I do this in batches so I’m not having to constantly do marketing throughout the month.

Offers Submitted: 3
Offers accepted: …still waiting!
New sellers contacted: 0
Total Income: $1,138.36



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