Week 17 – When it Rains, It Pours

We have three new offers in that I’m pretty confident we will get 1 if not all three. In armstrong_williams_quoteaddition, we expect to receive new inventory on the 26th of next week that I will be making at least 5 or more offers on!

I’m looking forward to new deal flow and believe they provide awesome returns for our private lenders. In these deals our investors are in max 70% Investment to Value. There’s tons of upside with little risk (while there is always risk – it’s definitely mitigated).

Monday April 18th – Sunday April 24th, 2016

Monday (3 hours)

  1. Received a new tape for our VA’s at Tape Techs to research for a client.
  2. Called and emailed our vendors for the workout on our current deals.
  3. Emailed/Called 5 new sellers.

Tuesday (2 hours)

  1. Talked to a new client about our services.
  2. Met with a new attorney handling a foreclosure for us in Riviera Beach, FL. The response and feedback was really good. We’re aiming for a 6 month max workout on this note.

Wednesday (day off)

Thursday (2 hours)

  1. Went through new inventory, made a selection of 4 assets I submitted bids on. 2 were declined right away. I will hear back on the other 2 Monday or Tuesday!
  2. Read

Friday – (2 Hours)

  1. Called realtors to get drive by exterior photos and CMA (comparative market analysis’s) on our new potential deals.

Saturday (Day off)

Sunday (3 hours)

  1. Created our marketing email for 3 new deals along with formal executive summaries.
  2. Read

Total Profit This Week : $53.49
Number of New Sellers Called: 5
Number of Deals Offered: 5
Number of Deals Accepted: …

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