Week 15 – Taking Time Off

I took it easy this week. While I should have dedicated more time to calling new banks, I letScreen Shot 2016-04-10 at 11.25.55 AM
excuses get in the way and simply slacked – no other way to say it. I will say I definitely don’t feel guilty about taking some time off. Dennis and I have been focusing on a lot of personal goals we want to see accomplished in 2016 and next year. While I’m disappointed I did not receive more inventory, I was not taking personal responsibility for calling the banks, sellers, hedge funds I know I need to. Next week I will be making this my primary focus.

Monday April 4th – Sunday April 10th, 2016

Monday (day off)

Tuesday (4 Hours)

  1. Emailed my Vendors to check (I typically do this Monday, but since I took the day off I did it today).
  2. Listened to an awesome Monday Night Call (replay) from Scott Carson and WeCloseNotes.com on Due Diligence. You can listen to that here —> https://vimeo.com/161659479
  3. Updated all of my running checkbooks and workout checklists for my JV partners. I want them to have updated access to how our deal is progressing and where the money is allocated. To do this, I save the running checkbook & workout checklist into their own private Dropbox so they can see everything in real time.
  4. Verified the closing on our new note went smoothly & got forced place insurance on the property.
  5.  Submitted our most recent deal to be shown in front of our local REIA (CFRI) next month & had a Case Study created from Fiverr.com.

Wednesday (4 Hours)

Attended our local CFRI meeting where I volunteer, network, and hear about other’s investing strategies and deals. I’ll be presenting the “Deal of the Month” next month and teach a class on May 19th about Note Investing!

I also found out the GA and OH note I was hoping to be able to close on in late April fell through because of a lack of collateral files/paperwork to back the note. Bummer, they were good deals!

Thursday – Saturday (days off)

Sunday (3 hours)

  1. Marketing – watched a few videos, read blog posts, and started a new Facebook campaign.
  2. I adjusted some of my website features at tapetechs.com to provide our clients more information about our services.
  3. Listed to a video about Investing in Non Performing Notes that a fellow colleague sent me. Listen to the interview with Gordon Moss here! It’s pretty cool how he describes Bankruptcy and working in 2nds!

Total Profit This Week : $1,1995.00
Number of New Sellers Called: 0
Number of Deals Offered: 0
Number of Deals Accepted: 0

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