Week 14 – New Deal and Q2

Whoah- It’s 1st Quarter of 2016 already! I have to say while I’m not thrilled with how Q1 went, I know I still have several months and Quarters to take down more notes and reach my ultimate goal of making $120,000 this year. I’m well on my way and know I’ll get there as long as I keep working and keep focused.

Total Monthly Profit: $1,1994.17
Total Quarter Profit (Q1): $13,539

Monday March 28th – Sunday April 3rd, 2016

Monday (4 Hours)

  1. Reviewed the REO bids I submitted last week. Most were rejected, 1 was countered. I decided to pass after scoping out the neighborhood. The deal had potential but 1 block to the left was too rough, 1 block to the right was great. To wholesale it I wantedAbaco Ln Picture to be absolutely certain I’d have a buyer, and on the block I just didn’t have certainty.
  2. We got a new deal! Woohoo! Sent new JV Deal Docs to our JV partner & finalized the
    MLSA and Servicing Transfer paperwork with the seller. Take a look at it —–>
  3. Contacted three potential Social Media/SEO Marketing Managers to take over our marketing for our businesses.
  4. Submitted my newsletter article and advertisement for my upcoming CFRI Note Class on May 14th! I’m super excited to help educate my fellow Central Florida Real Estate Investors about all of the awesome opportunities in Notes!
  5. Updated my JV partners the happenings of my deals.

Tuesday (30 minutes)

  1. I’m trying to finalize a great deal in OH on a new NPN. I’m waiting to hear back from the seller if its a go or not. I’m also reviewing a deal in Riverdale, GA (not my favorite but has potential) from the same seller.

Wednesday (day off)

Thursday (2 hours)

  1. Updated invoice/receipts to Evernote for my Bookkeeper to reconcile within Xero
  2. Submitted an AOM to our attorney in PA to be recorded.
  3. Interviewed with 2 SEO and social media marketing experts for NoteInvestingClub.com and TapeTechs.com, our preliminary due diligence services. also reached out to several more for information and potential future interviews.

Friday – Sunday (Days Off)

Total Income for this Week: $606.85
New Sellers Contacted: 0
Offers Accepted: 0
Total New Bids: 2


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