Week 9 – We Can’t Win Them All.

This week was tough for me. I came down with the flu on Wednesday, and was unable to do anything Thursday and Friday. I at least felt well enough Saturday to send some emails, look at new inventory, and write this post. Other than that, work was on hold. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this sick and it was a serious reminder of how important it is to have systems. While I do have large portions of my business outsourced, there are several things I do and I do alone. Meaning if I’m sick, my business was on halt. I guess my lesson for the week was, you can’t win them all. Not all weeks will be amazingly productive.

Monday Feb. 22nd – Sunday Feb. 28th, 2016


Day off Vacation


  1. Sent Emails checking on vendors. Found out our Tampa property is on the docket for public sale 5/2/16, way far away because things are backlogged in the county system.


  1. Received payment from a loan that was over 20 days late. We sent a demand letter on the 16th, and luckily they made their payment in full plus their late payment penalty fee. While we’d rather get payments on time, late payments provide more cash to us.
  2. Spoke with a new NoteInvestingClub.com member.

Thursday – Friday

Sick as a dog


  1. Wrote this post.
  2. Went through new inventory. (Hopefully 2 – 3 of my 8 offers will be accepted, I’d be SUPER happy if more were accepted!!)
  3. Sent emails to a vendor.
  4. Emailed a new interested JV partner.

Offers Submitted: 8
Profit this week: $171.93


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