Week 4 – Systems are a Beautiful Thing!

Monday 12/18 – Sunday 12/24

11692540_1661037610777388_6123212562664871939_nWhile my week did not have me doing things the entire time, our Vendors & Team were getting things done! It’s so important to have systems in place so your business works without you, or with little interaction from you. I had some major commitments at work that kept from having as much time as I would have liked during the week to get deals done, but I made up for it on the weekend.


MLK Day – Talked to three sellers & did some follow up emails & calls to new sellers.

Tuesday – Thursday

These were the busy days from work and one night of play with several Real Estate friends getting together. At most I was able to do a few emails & follow up calls.

I did hear back from one seller, 2 assets I put bids on are pending closing with another buyer and 1 I am still negotiating on. I’d like to buy all three as a package deal for better pricing which is why I am in negotiation still. This is going to be a wait and see.


Had our VA’s start doing due diligence on 3 assets in Pennsylvania that were sent to me. Even though I was unable to do the research myself, I have qualified and highly trained VA’s do it for me! If you want to see how I trained my VA’s to do this or find out how you can too, watch my FREE video training.

Friday (4 hours)

  1. Did due diligence on 2 new tapes that were sent to me.
  2. Paid an invoice to the carpet company that installed new flooring in our rental in Jacksonville & got that listed for rent! 🙂
  3. Paid our contractor who just finished doing light renovation/updating to a property we have in Tipton, IN. All we need to do now is carpet! By doing this work we’re going to be able to sell for a significantly higher price. Our realtor helped find the contractor, monitored their work and took pictures of the progress for us. Take a look at before and after below!

Saturday (4 hours)

Finished looking over a new tape & officially submitted an LOI for three assets with over $300,000 in unpaid debt and over $200,000 in property value!

Sunday (1 hour)

Finalized the blog. Emailed our attorney’s to get updates on each of our assets that are in the foreclosure process.

Total Income this week: $99.00
Total # of Offers Submitted: 3
Offers Waiting For Response: 3

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