Week 1 – Starting 2016 Right!

 Monday 12/28  – Sunday 12/3

This is my first week of tracking my progress to a $120,000 year! As you can see, this post actually starts a few days before 2016 hits, but I thought I should track it anyways. I also wanted to clarify why I chose my financial goal of $120,000 in this first post.

While this may not seem like much to other investors, or to someone with a higher paying salary job, my goal of $120,000 is a big income leap for me. Coming from a teachers salary in Florida (let’s just say it isn’t much), I am way more than doubling my income and I am doing it through my own business, on my own terms, and my own timeline. I’m not clocking in from 9 – 5 to make this salary. I’m working when I want, where I want, and on the deals I want. I wanted my financial goal to be a realistic number that was attainable but also somewhat of a challenge. I very much hope as I reach the 6 month mark in the year, I realize I undershot what I’m capable of and move my goal up a notch or two, but for now, I’m very happy with $120,000!

Anyways, here is my summary for the week.

Monday (about 6 hours in all)

  1. I spoke with three potential private lenders/partners that are interested in our company and want to invest money on deals. This is a huge part of our business because for every deal we acquire we need to have money ready to be allocated accordingly to close the deal. We raised upwards of $50,000 just from these calls.
  2. I did a lot of deal follow up with the holidays the week prior, many of the companies we use for contracting, attorneys, and other vendors were closed. I wanted to make sure everything was still on track with the current deals we had so I made several calls and emails to follow up.
  3. I also worked with my VA’s reviewing their work on a tape of 80 assets that was sent to us to be scrubbed for a client.
  4. Paid taxes on one of our properties & paid 2 invoices for vendor work.
  5. Read for 30 minutes.

Tuesday (Only 2 hours total of work with some shopping and R&R)

  1. I called and/or emailed 8 potential sellers of assets/notes. This is one of my areas of weakness and is definitely one of my least preferred tasks. While it’s not a difficult job, I just never seem motivated to call new sellers. So calling 8 today was a big accomplishment for me!
  2. I finalized contracting work on a rental we have (rehabbing interior, roof, etc) and got that officially started.
  3. Received another tape to be completed by the VA’s from tapetechs.com, so I sent that to the VA’s and made sure they began the task in a timely manner.
  4. Read for 45 minutes.

Wednesday (Goal Planning Day! about 4 hours in all)

Okay I’ll be honest. I love to goal plan. I wish I could simply create dream boards, write down my 6 month, 12 month,  2 year , 5 year goals all that time! For obvious reasons, I choose my goal planning time strategically. I always like to start my year off with a good goal planning session but also do it randomly throughout the year as I see fit.

  1. Listened to an AWESOME podcast on the topic of goal planning from http://www.notemba.com – you can listen to it here!
  2. Wrote my monthly goals and annual goals for both my financial and personal life.
  3. Recreated my dream board with new and updated pictures.
  4. Rewrote/reorganized our office white board which houses all of our current and pending deals with the stages of the workout they are in, and other important information.
  5. E-Recorded a deed for a property.
  6. Read for 30 minutes.
  7. Updated my tax information for 2015 and sent to my accountant.

Thursday & Friday – New Years Eve & New Years Day, Time Off


Read for 3 hours (just started Tony Robbins Money Master the Game) and I’m loving it so far!

Sunday (about 1 hour in all w/o reading)

  1. Finished today’s blog post
  2. Worked on my social media sites
  3. Ordered a new marketing case study from Fiverr.com
  4. Wrote my Jan. Newsletter – which if you aren’t receiving you can grab here! (Freebie code to try TapeTechs.com services included)
  5. Read for 2 hours

Total Income this week: $458


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