2016 – My Year in Action to Make $120,000!

I recently read a blog created and written by Scott Carson who is an active Goal-Quotes-70educator and investor in non-performing notes nationwide. Now having several blogs, videos, and content in the media, the blog I’m referencing today was a rather old one. Written in 2009 before his business We Close Notes and educational course, Note Buying For Dummies (yes that’s me on the side of the screen!) became the successful business it is today. Titled: $100,000 in 100 days, Scott summarized his daily steps he took with massive action to reach his overall goal. It was cool to see a glimpse of his past, and motivated me to take more ownership of the actions I take each day or week toward my overall goals and success.

Scott, is someone who has not only taught me an immense amount of information about the note business, but he helped me build connections to close my first deal (and many more now), continues to motivate me to do more each year, and gives me the support and tools to help my businesses grow and thrive.

As I read the post, it occurred to me that Scott was going through a similar
time in his life in 2009 as I am today. At the time, he had recently launched his educational and mentorship business and was seeing small but significant amounts of success while continuing to grow his 0f33b41bf52267d2633fed954dae6137investment business. On the other hand, I recently launched our asset research company Note Investing Club and Tape Techs, while also seeing success in our real estate investing business. I know I am close to the financial freedom and the success I have been working so hard for in the past 3 years.  I felt if pledged to take massive action like Scott did back in 2009, I know 2016 would allow me to accomplish my goals and dreams.

So to keep me motivated, and allow others to hopefully find motivation in controlling your destiny and life, I will be writing weekly updates of the MASSIVE action I am taking to help me reach my goal of making $120,000 in 2016.

I am considering the following as a means of contribution to my goal of $120,000:
– Wholesale Fees
– Acquisition & Workout Fees
– Profits from Deals Closed
– Cash Flow (passive income) from re-performing notes, or rentals
– Note Investing Club Memberships
– Tape Techs Asset Scrubbing Fees
– Speaking/Educational Courses I teach through my local REIA

Things to keep in mind as I start this very public journey with my readers: 
– I currently have a full time job teaching Kindergarten, which is very    time demanding and exhausting. (I currently work around 40 – 50 hours a week).
–  I will be spending on average 20 – 30 hours per week dedicated to our businesses.
– I am starting off with a portfolio of 1 rental, 1 re-performing note, and 6 non-performing notes with expected pay-off in 2016.
– While we are privately funded company, meaning we work with other investors or individuals who are interested in receiving a higher than average return on investment secured by real estate.  I am not considering the private capital I raise to be a part of my total goal.

headerIf you’d like to know more about what we currently do and see some of our
past deals, please visit seasonedfunding.net or email me at seasonedfunding@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy my journey and learn something along the way!

*Scott Carson and We Close Notes was not paid or compensated in any way for the writing of the post. I’m just an avid believer in his program, and thankful he’s there to remind me to get out there and do it!